CAUTION: Emotional thank you’s

CAUTION: The following blog post contains emotion which may offend some readers

So Im home. Back in surprisingly sunny England after 10 incredible weeks in Brazil!

It feels weird to be back, I was pretty sad leaving the country I’ve called home for the past 71 days and the people that became my extended and adopted family.

I need to say some really big thank-you’s.

First and foremost to Molly Cross, without whom I would never even have had the opportunity to do something at crazy as this! For the fantastic year I spent under your exceptional talent management, and all the crazy fun I had with AIESEC. I hope you have a fantastic a time in Paraguay as I did in my short time in Brazil. Let’s go out in Maidstone when you’re back and I’ll buy you a drink!

By extension of Molly and AIESEC Leeds, also Alec for giving me some amazing stories of Tanzania and Jun, without you I’d never have negotiated the AIESEC website!

Next to AIESEC Maringá! You lovely lovely people made my experience in Brazil amazing, in particular to Thays, Gaby, Mari, Giovanna, Daniel and Fernanda for all the work you put in to make TALK project a success. The whole team really made me feel welcome and really looked after me! I met so many amazing people through AIESEC in the UK and now I have truly international AIESEC best friends! So you best keep in touch, because I want to come back!

Special shout out to Camilla. You all know why. And if you don’t know why, its best you don’t know why. Thanks for the bracelet, enjoy your T-shirt.

All of our lovely students! For making the project worthwhile, I hope you learnt something from my crazy sessions about baked beans for breakfast, the spice girls, endless royal family talk, Harry Potter, the Otley Run, David Attenborough, duck duck goose and countless other topics! (Also don’t tell anyone I taught you all the bad words!). It was really great to meet all of you and I hope you all visit the UK sometime, I’ll give you a tour!

My hosts Bruno and Renan, and their lovely families for giving me a bedroom, food and the one of the best experiences of Brazil at Karina’s formatura. I will literally never forget anything about that weekend! Have to also say thanks to them, as well as Karina, Felipe, Mayara, Matheus and Luiza for helping translate between English and Portuguese and making sure I got where I needed to be safely! It was really nice to see all the family again right at the end to round off a brilliant time. Thanks for treating me like part of the family!


Frankie, you scene-stealing, guitar-teaching, extreme blogging, ultimate lightweight, lonely roaming Tsinoy TANK!

Matthias, you beer drinking, sausage eating, graph loving, hash tagging, blonde and blue-eyed German SCHMETTERLING!

Klára, you KALASHNIKOV wielding, defenestrating, vodka drinking nice soviet girl from near the Mediterranean in Czechoyugoslavakia

For making the whole project so much fun! For being my work colleagues, my teachers, my travel mates, my drinking buddies, my partners in crime, my sense of direction, my hangover cure and my best friends for 10 weeks! I salute you.

I vow to learn Portuguese and come back and see you all!

Also a big thanks to Mum and Dad. And Jesus.

Until then, this is Ciaran, AKA C-dog, AKA Agent Deckchair signing out!


PS stay tuned, I may use this for my next travel adventures!

PSS Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube … you have no excuse not to stay in contact!


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