A handful of lessons from Brazil.

Things I learnt in Brazil

I speak too fast.

But sometimes I don’t speak enough.

I talk about the Royal Family too much.

Brazilian Portuguese is not the same as Portuguese Portuguese.

I don’t actually remember that much Spanish from school.

The Czech Republic is not by the Mediterranean.

The Philippines looks like a man fishing.

Berlin is in West Germany.

Brazilian pizza’s are for sharing.

Blogging is addictive.

Not everyone likes football.

Not everyone likes samba.

Carneval is actually a competition.

Internet connection is unpredictable.

Brazilians think Paraguay is cheap and dangerous.

Brazilian passion fruits are huge.

Buses are cold.

“Near” in Brazil does not actually mean the same thing as “near” in Europe.

If there’s a ‘D’ near the end of a word, it’s normally a ‘J’

If its starts with a ‘R’ it actually starts with a ‘H’

Cachaça is not good for anybody.

Condensed milk is not good for me.

Havaiana’s are the best thing ever.

The UK is different in so many ways to everywhere else in the world.

There is such a thing as too much rice.

Baked beans were invented in America.

£2 coins look like R$1 coins.

My name is practically impossible to pronounce.

Non-Native-English speakers struggle pronouncing ‘TH’.

Venezuela ran out of toilet paper.

A confirmation email does not guarantee anything.

Brazilian BBQ’s are the absolute nuts.

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