Adventure time! After booking 3 buses and 2 hostels we are off on our 5 day mini holiday to Curitiba and Florianopolis! Our original plan of hiring a car for part of the jouney fell through after it became clear dropping the car off in a different city to where we picked it up made it very expensive. Would have been nice though as my holy book recommends a car to explore the beaches in Florianopolis but C’est La vie you know (I know that’s French but que é a vida doesn’t have quite the same ring to it)

Quick update on the previous few days first though, as you may have seen from Instagram I spent Tuesday lying in holy grass outside Maringá Catedral, eating far too much cake and generally just loving life with my co-intern Frankie.

On Wednesday, me and Matthias attending a quick promo event for AIESEC about the Global Ciudade project, (GCDP in the UK and what I’m doing in Brazil for non AIESEC-ers). Where basically we sat on a panel and answered questions. A bit like Mock the Week and just as funny. Okay, so not as funny but you know what I mean. We then went to Eden Bar (where they brew their own beer!) for Douglas’ birthday, just a quiet mid week outing. No, I promise… that was all it was.

Thursday was Frankie and Klara’s turn and their Q&A session massively overran so Matthias and I had to spontaneously stall their session which actually led to a really good idea for the rest of our sessions. A really stupidly simple idea that I cant believe none of us thought about before. Essentially to go round the class asking about their day or favourite film to get everyone to speak for a few minutes. So simple.

On Thursday my adoptive parents came to Maringá, with countless holiday snaps from their trip to Rio which make me want to go there even more! Despite not wanting to leave Maringá either!

We had an AIESEC lunch on Friday at a Japanese restaurant (that also does normal Brazilian food) and asked a waitress to take some group photo’s which was embarrassing as everybody else in the restaurant just watched us pose while she tried to work the camera.

Then Friday night.
Douglas’ actual party.
Not so quiet.

The building where Thays, our project manager, lives has the entire third floor open for parties. So yeah, lots of group photos and some funky cocktails with condensed milk that did not keep anyone sober. I woke up with dried condensed milk on my shirt and my arm and my watch and yeah. Lots of licking so Im told… I don’t quite remember. It was really nice to see a lot of the AIESEC gang not working and being social with them.

I feel like we bonded more! Some of us definitely got better acquainted than others…

Today (Tuesday 30thApril) I did got involved with classroom promo going around campus giving a quick talk about what Im doing here in Maringa and about my time in AIESEC in the UK. With two of the guys from the AIESEC Maringa Comm’s team we visited engineering and architecture classes with mixed success. As predicted by my fellow intern Frankie, we had the most interest from the class full of girls. With less success in the male orientated engineering department!

Im pretty sure we shouldn’t be selling AIESEc based on what an English boy looks like but if it works then great!

We also did some standard poster plastering on notice boards, with some devious removal of rival organisations material. It was really interesting to find out how much other students not in our project speak and understand English, I started my talks with ‘Fala Ingles?’ to mixed reactions. Clearly my pronunciation needs work or they just think it’s funny when foreigners (gringo’s) try Portuguese!

Vamos para Curitiba e Florianopolis!


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