While my laptop sorts it’s wifi out

So all the while j can’t upload blogs of photos on my laptop you’ll have to make do reading about my adventures from the weekend!

On Thursday we travelled overnight on a 8 hour bus to Foz Do Iguacu, arriving in the wee hours of Friday morning we stumbled around looking for coffee and a tourist info point. Unsuccessful with either we jumped on a bus to the main attraction. While we queued up to pay into the National Park we watched some ominous looking storm clouds gather and then on the bus from the entrance to the falls the heavens opened. Now, maybe I’m just over prepared but going to a waterfall I expect to get wet anyway. So I was in shorts and flipflops with a rain coat in my bag. Nobody else seemed to have forecasted the idea they would get wet at a waterfall so were in jeans and trainers and had for fork out R$5 (£1.70 ish?) for a fetching plastic mac, although they did have the advantage if being see through so you didn’t have to get your face wet to see the falls. But anyway… I boldly marched on through the downpour while the others stopped in a hotel for expensive coffee. It’s more dramatic in the rain right? I braved getting my camera out a few times under cover but as you will see, I look distinctly unhappy in the resulting photos. Despite this, it was actually a lot of fun in the rain! They have a platform in the middle of the falls, the devils throat where you can walk out to a look almost directly up the main part of the falls on the Brazilian side and in the downpour with all the spray from the falls I actually got a bit of an adrenaline rush! As per all tourist attractions there was an ‘Exit via gift shop and cafe’ and I had a pot noodle to warm up which was actually the best thing ever. When the others had ventured out we regrouped in the devils throat and my camera braved the water again. Not that the photos will ever do it justice, they are more impressive than Niagara just in a different way. We then got a taxi to the ‘Triple frontier’ where Brazil supposedly meets Argentina and Paraguay… And to an extent this is true, they do meet. In the middle of a river. I was hoping to get a photo of me in 3 countries at the same time, but we only saw Argentina and Paraguay from he Brazilian side of the river.

Damp, cold and slightly disappointed we headed back to the town to find a somewhere to stay, R$30 for a bed, hot shower and breakfast was ideal. We went for a buffet dinner, purchased some booze and played never have I ever which was, as always with new people… Very revealing. I still remember that first night in Leodis Halls well.

Thankfully the rain held off on the second day, I didn’t take trousers but it was warm enough once the day got going. We went to Itaipu dam, the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world, was nice… But it’s just a dam and a lake you know. As you’ll see, concrete and pylons don’t make interesting photos really. The bird park however, much better photos. I held a parrot, it didn’t pose for the photo as much as I did though, stroked a toucan despite many ‘Do not touch the birds, they are wild’ signs. I’m such a rebel. But they are literally the most photogenic creatures in the entire world.

To top off the weekend we have a right palava (English word guys) trying to get a bus from the centre to the bus station we needed outside the city. Lots of people told us lots of different things in Portuguese and Spanish and English. We survived and can laugh about it now, so bring on the next mini weekend adventure!

The vlog I’m hopefully going to upload when my laptop sorts it’s stupid self out will explain more about Sundays shenanigans (more English words) but I don’t remember everything that happened due to excessive alcohol consumption. Most of which I saw the next day in the toilet. I now have a sore throat and rock hard abs from retching so much. Swings and roundabouts.

Until next time avid followers, tchau!

I keep forgetting to do this I think but #BrasilBaby!

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