Im a teacher!

Just a quick update about my first day as a real teacher!

I dont think I could be a teacher full time. We have 3 small groups twice a week so its 3 of the same presentation. We’ve done two so far and Im already bored of British food and sports. theres only so much I can talk about Cadbury and Lord Coe. As much as I love both of those things.

So the boring bit … Our first session, 10.30-midday this morning was just 6 students, and our early evening session, 6-7.30pm was 15. There are 3 session per day but Matthias and Klara are doing the 7-9.30 one then tomorrow we swap round. Basically Frankie and I both introduced ourselves quickly and gave them a bit of background to our countries with a quick facts thing. I even learnt stuff about the UK that I didnt know! Everyone wins. Who know 3 babies had been born on the Underground. Then we went round the room to try and learn some names, followed by everyones favourite activity, a good old ice breaker. Then we launched into this weeks topic, ‘Culture’!

So I spoke about British food and sports, the Frankie did the same for the Phillipines. Sports was great for me because I could blag about the Olympics as we handed it over to Brasil and my very limited knowledge of football/cricket/tennis and almost every sport going. I feel like I should have brought up F1 which I might add to my session for tomorrow.

Its funny to talk about different food cultures, and introducing Brasilians to the ‘brunch’ concept. They thought beans for breakfast was strange and I struggled to explain what a scone was. But other than that, all good. I also hope to convert them from Hershey’s shit to Cadbury in all its British glory.

In the 6 hours in between session, I had my 2nd guitar lesson and almost learnt Treacherous by Taylor Swift. Almost. Then I think I might have opened up Olly Murs, Emeli Sande and the Rizzlekicks to the Phillipines music scene. Me and Frankie are definitely going to become regulars in a particular cafe that is right next to UEM’s campus as the drinks are really good and nice and cheap. Today has also been the first day that Ive struggled with the heat as it its now very muggy and sticky. To be fair though, i think Ive managed quite well as I dont normally get on with heat.

So there we go, not a particularly long or probably interesting blog. But an update. And Im still loving Brasil!



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