Im still in Brasil.


Me again. Still in Brasil.

I feel like there’s lots to update you lovely people with, so I’m going to spread it out between this and a new video which will follow soon.

Oh by the way, ‘Oi’ means hi, it wasn’t a tactic to get your attention. Learning Portuguese is erm… Going slowly. Not that I ever expected to learn it this fast but every time someone tells me a word or a phrase I almost immediately forget it. I will have to start carrying around a notebook and writing everything down to revise! I spent 69p on a translate app on my phone, only to discover it translates everything the wrong way, from Portuguese into English! I will embarrass myself later in my 2nd vlog trying to pronounce some words that I have actually remembered.

The food is good, before I came I thought that I’d only get Brasilian food, but then you realise that actually Brasilians eat world food like everyone else. I’ve probably had more non-Brasilian food since I’ve been here. Those Italian must have made a bomb from pizza. It’s literally everywhere! I had Brasilian style Japanese food (I know right, I thought the same before), sushi with fried banana in! Seriously, don’t knock it till you have tried it.

My hosts are really nice, Bruno and Renan. Lots of people go home for Easter weekend and Bruno is in Santos this weekend which is back by Sao Paulo. I was invited but id literally just got off the 9 hour bus ride from there and didn’t fancy going straight back. Renan seems a right player; I held his 3 day old daughter, Maria, who lives upstairs yesterday but went for Brasilian sushi with him and a different ex girlfriend. You haven’t third-wheeled properly until you’ve done it a couple who talk in Portuguese. She knew about hash-tagging though. We bonded over that. Apparently his nickname is Woody as he bears a vague resemblance to the loveable cowboy; if you squint you can almost see it. My home for the next 6 weeks is nice, like a lot of houses here it’s in an apartment block, but I’ve got my own room and they even have a cleaner! That was an awkward encounter when I came out of the bathroom to find a lovely Portuguese lady I’d never met making my bed.

Quote of the Day (and most likely the entire trip) goes to freaky Frankie the Filipino.

“Panda’s f*ck racism, they’re black, white and Asian.”

Beautifully put.

Stay tuned for the much anticipated 2nd instalment of my vlog.


(I tried to get the photo with baby Maria but she cried as soon as I held so so I handed her straight back!)

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