Brasil certo!

Aaaarrr, IM IN BRASIL!!!

Still doesn’t quite feel real, but I feel much better after a decent sleep!

Rewind to Tuesday, I’m not a TAM fan. Food was just about food, they got so close to giving me cheesecake but they didn’t quite get it right. I decided I’d learn Portuguese by watching Argo and Silver Linings Playbook with subtitles. Actually I just couldn’t get rid of them. I probably got an hour and a half of almost sleep and 5 hours of trying to get comfortable.

For all of you who were waiting with baited breath for my ‘Im in São Paulo airport’ video, I apologise. There was no wifi and more importantly nowhere quiet enough to do a video. That and I was tired landed at 5.20am. It would appear some sort of celebrity arrived shortly after I did. There were film crews and clowns and drums and air horns and confetti canons and then a man in a suit. I did wonder if he was famous or just had over enthusiastic mates.

When Matthias and Klara arrived we got a taxi into the city centre bus station, São Paulo doesn’t seem to be the sprawling mega-metropolis that mr Whiting have me the impression in was in geography lessons. It’s also more high rise than I expected. But bless it, it’s not a pretty city really. Whoever planned it was clearly on holiday in the costa del sol 20 years ago and thought run down holiday apartment blocks were the best thing ever and made a whole city out of them. Filling the gaps with elevated highways and slum houses.

After paying almost £34 (R$104) for a 9 hour bus then waiting 3 hours for it to ’embarque’ I wasn’t hopeful. However I retract any previous negativity. It was potentially the best bus journey I’ve ever been on. Anywhere in the world. The seats went almost horizontal. There was wifi, which is more than I can say about a certain international airport. (Gua-oo-los see I did manage to learn how to pronounce it!). We drove for an hour then stopped for half and hour. Then drove the final 7 hours in one go, stopping for a few minutes in Londrinas to let people off. Not quite sure the driver has those timings sorted yet. We almost stopped 3 or 4 times along the way, pulling off going really slowly past a service station then just pulling straight back on the highway. I know right, what’s that about. My neck did ache from looking out of the window though, I now know where all the worlds sweet corn comes from because we drove past all of it. The sunset was insanely dramatic, I wish I could have got a better photo than through a bus window. Look at me gushing about sunsets. I’m changed already.

We arrived in Maringa to a lovely welcome from Thays, our project manager, Daniel and Flavio (Brazilians have such cool names) who took us for pizza giving us a city tour on the way. Was dark though so I didn’t see all that much. Home to the tallest cathedral in South America though, that looked pretty good at night. Not overly sure on the pizza, they came in wicker baskets with metal lids on and a funny mix of toppings. Food was food though, I’d only had a bag of chilli Doritos (they don’t do cheese or plain here!) in 12 hours. Must be the heat suppressing my appetite… Yeah the heat. How warm is it in the UK? I thought as much.

Got introduced to my new hosts for the next 6 weeks. Bruno and Renan, their English is better than my Portuguese but it might still prove a struggle to communicate at first. I think maybe a lot of slow talking and charades. I was just happy for a bed.

We’re still not that much wiser about what we will be doing for the next 6 weeks so ill fill you in as I find out. Surprises for everyone 🙂


One of my goals is to get a photo with an actual brazil baby to make that has tag valid.

P.S Dad, did my euro millions ticket win anything in Tuesday?



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