Ciaran’s Big Day.

So the day has finally come. Today is the day when I leave this sub-zero, gale force country and replace it with the tropical sunshine and downpours in Brazil. I’m unbelievably excited and shitting a brick at the same time, I’m not entirely sure it’s sunk in what I’m about to embark on. Only an 11 and a half hour flight stands between me and a potential tan. Unlikely, but still potential. Bag weighs a ton as well so I might even come back tanned AND hench.

Down to business.
• Leaving home soon, Heathrow bound.
• Stock up on duty free British sweets and magazines for the Brazilians to enjoy. Heat and Worthers Originals … they won’t know what’s hit them.
• Take off at 8.45pm GMT.
• Learn Portuguese.
• Probably watch a film.
• Poke around at some aeroplane food.
• Try and sleep (but probably watch another film)
• Poke around at a ‘breakfast’.
• Land in Sao Paulo, Guarulhos airport 4.55am Brazil time! (GMT -3)
• Learn how to pronounce above mentioned airport.
• Breeze through passport control.
• Cut the legs off my jeans because it’s 28oC out there.

Easy mate. Then I have to hang around at the airport to meet 2 of the other interns, Klára from the Czech Republic and Matthias from Germany on the project that I’m doing. Apparently I have to teach English? Like OMG as if.

Then, the real journey begins into Sao Paulo city centre and the bus that will take us the last leg to the city of Maringa (look it up), a swift 9 hour drive. Ending in Maringa at 8.55pm, midnight in Britain, where it will still be snowing… Gutted. Hopefully to be met by our hosts and new Brazilian friends for the next 6 weeks!

So, until I next have internet access and / or a plug socket for my un-chargeable laptop…


(What do we think to that as my signing off phrase? I may go through a few before I land on a good one. Suggestions Welcome.)

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