Me, with a blog?

Following popular demand (lol) … This is my blog that will soon provide you with every detail, or most of them, about my up and coming trip to Brazil. Should you wish to know every detail or simply whether I’m still alive out there and havent died of typhoid which I left it too late to get a jab for.

I am (not so) reliably told that Brazil has the 2nd highest internet usage of any country (Wikipedia 2013), so fingers crossed Ill actually get regular access to this to keep you updated on my adventures. With that said, the plan is actually to be quite busy so dont get your hopes too high.

Im still in the Uk until next tuesday when I leave Heathrow in the evening some time, after that… who knows. Its exciting right? I have almost no idea what my life over the next 10 weeks will be like! I may even record some of my emotions (rare as they are) on tape for you to enjoy, it’ll be like I never even left the country! I feel like I should have some sort of signing off phrase? Ill have a think and sign off the next post with it, that can be my official first post. This is like a pre-post for me to get my head around having a blog. As if I’ve got a blog, who am I?!

Anyway, now you know.

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